Six things that can help people with depression.

Depression affects many people and can be moderate to severe. My experiences can hopefully help but I also know that we are not all the same. The key things that helped me overcome my depression may not work for every person. Some will need counseling and others will need medication; however, it is my belief that by having this informative guide people can benefit in their own fight against depression.

1: Belief in a greater purpose.

In my fight against depression, my belief in God was essential but I understand that not all people around the world have the same beliefs; some believe in other religions or are atheists, the main point I want to underline is that when you are depressed you are better off if you have a weight lifted from your shoulders by knowing that you are not alone in your fight and you are being guided. Believing in a higher power makes you more selfless and in turn makes you a person with more empathy. If you do not believe in religion and are an atheist it is important to be a moral and good person to others while respecting your own rules of decency.

2: Having support of friends and/or family

During my fight I was very lucky to have the full support of my family and I did have financial resources as well, however, if you are in a position where you do not have the love and support of your family, it is important to have some dedicated friends around. There are always people willing to give their time and support to someone struggling from depression. It could be a close friend but could also be friends you meet in support groups. These support groups are very important and the connections can be made either in person or online. Financial resources are helpful if you have them but there are people that have overcome challenges without having money at their disposal. For instance, my wife overcame difficult challenges in her small village with the love of her family and friends.

3: Seeing people who are struggling more than yourself

During my stay at Pomponiana-Olbia, I saw for the first-time young children that had severe handicaps worse than my own and it was my turning point. Although sad to see, I was deeply shocked and it really made an impression on me. When you are young you think you are invincible and these tragedies happen to “other people” but seeing them first hand and not for just an hour can leave a lasting effect and make you snap out of depression instantly.

4: Hard work

Be it light or severe depression it is important to immerse oneself in work thinking of future successes. It could be working at one’s job and aiming for a promotion, doing homework and studying for better grades, or, in my case it was working hard with the goal of walking, writing or seeing better. Whatever the case it is good to set goals through hard work and this will also make you think less about depression.

5: Taking care of people or animals

For me, having children was what completely ended my depression. There is nothing that is more curative than feeling needed and loved in spite of your shortcomings. Having children makes you focus on them and you end up brushing aside your own problems. Of course, you must let them feel your love. For those people that do not have children, taking care of an animal has many benefits as well. These animals need you to live and they provide their owners with unconditional love. Having a person or animal that needs you helps see life in a different way and gives a higher purpose to your life.

6: Never giving up even when hopeless

Keep on moving and taking risks even when it looks hopeless, one never knows what he or she could be missing if they decide to throw in the towel. My life is an example and it took 27 years for me to finally get rid of my depression.

There is no definite formula to get rid of depression but I hope that this guide can help others as they have worked for me.

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