Goldilocks and ...

A few days ago, my daughter Daniella who is four and a half, made me laugh unexpectedly. She wanted a story, and I chose to recount the story of Goldilocks. I added my voices to the characters, which made her eyes shine full of wonder and excitement. Her imagination was flowing, and she loved the story. When I finished, she wanted me to start it again, but she was coming along to help Goldilocks not get into trouble. I was smiling.

The story now had two girls with curly hair, and Goldilocks was the blond one! As I started the usual storyline, Daniella ended up in the kitchen, telling Goldilocks not to eat anything. However, I improvised and made Goldilocks get carrots from the refrigerator! Daniella yelled not to eat them, but Goldilocks insisted saying she was hungry, so Daniella told her that it was okay, but she could eat two!

In the living room, they sat on the floor and rested a little before going upstairs to sleep, suddenly Goldilocks called Daniella to jump on the bed with her. Daniella was horrified at the prospect of what could happen. She begged her to stop and then suddenly Kaboom!!!! The look on her face was priceless, and I was laughing.

When Goldilocks and Daniella heard the bears go to the kitchen to eat their porridge, all three were on the table, but papa bear decided to get carrots. Daniella was scarred but remained silent as papa bear asked who took his carrots.

When the bears came up the stairs they saw the broken bed, Daniella thought that they were mad at Goldilocks for breaking it, but she did not expect her new friend to betray her!!! She pleaded with papa bear, saying it was not true. After a while laughing at the seriousness of my daughter’s face, I had Goldilocks admit it was her. Daniella volunteered to fix the bed with a hammer and nails that were supposedly on top of the refrigerator.

The innocence and imagination of a child are priceless. They live in a world of their own, and I sure will remember this fairytale featuring Goldilocks, Daniella, and the Three Bears!

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